At The Journey Church we want to help marriages thrive! Assess your relationship with Couple Checkup.

Planning to Get Married?

Most couples planning to get married spend a great deal of time, energy and money on a wedding ceremony that lasts a few hours. But they spend little time acquiring relationship skills needed to have a marriage that could last 50 plus years.

At The Journey Church we can't guarantee a successful marriage, but we are pleased to provide the opportunity and tools for you, as a couple, to build a Strong Marriage Relationship.

The following 7 Step Marriage Preparation Process is a unique occasion for you and your partner to learn about yourselves and each other, while acquiring practical skills that will enhance your relationship with each other now, and into the future.

All our church pastors follow this process. It is a requirement that all couples, of all ages desiring to become married through The Journey Church follow this process.

We trust this will be a meaningful and valuable experience for you.

7 Step Marriage Preparation Process

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