Summer 2016 Message Series: The 9 - Wise Ways for Love and Life

Based on the book by Dr. Henry Cloud "9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life.


Playlist link for this message is available above. Message handouts are linked below.

The 9: Dig It Up

The 9: Pull the Tooth

The 9: Play the Movie

The 9: Do Something

The 9: Act Like the Ant

The 9: Hate Well

The 9: Don't Play Fair

The 9: Be Humble

The 9: Upset the Right People


May 2016 Message Series: Dare to Move

#dare2Move - called to grow #dare2Move - called to influence the world #dare2Move - called to peace #dare2Move - called to good work #called to be a church that Loves Like Jesus

Fall, winter and Spring - 2016/2017



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January 2016 Vision Sunday

February 13/14, 2016
Do You Know What Love Is?
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