Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, June 27
6:45 pm Brentwood Campus

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Updated Documents

AGM 2017 Agenda

AGM 2017 Executive Summary

Bylaws 2016.01

AGM 2016 Minutes


This is a trustworthy saying:
“If someone aspires to be an elder, * he desires an honorable position.” 1Timothy 3:1

Those who serve on the board are being called to be a church leader ("elder"). This is a significant responsibility because the church belongs to the living God. Church leaders should not be elected because they are popular, nor should they be allowed to push their way to the top. Instead, they should be chosen by the church because of their respect for grace and truth; their love for Christ and his Church; and their passion for the mission of leading others to follow Jesus. These spiritual leaders are chosen and called for what they believe and how they live.

Current Governance Documents

Bylaws version 2.0
Guiding Principles version 1.10
Robert's Simplified Rules of Order
Board Ministry Description

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Spending Plan Executive Summary 2016-2017Governance Document Revisions for AGM2016
AGM2015 Minutes
Bylaw Proposed Revision - discussion only
Draft Year-End Line by Line Financial Document - May 2016


Minutes of Congregational Meeting
Spending Plan Summary 2014-2015

Spending Plan Detailed 2014-2015
Amendments to Bylaws
AGM 2014 Agenda


AGM 2013 Agenda
Discussion document on Church Membership
TJC Spending Plan Summary 2013-2014
TJC Spending Plan Line by Line 2013-2014
Ministry Year Highlights Brochure
Report from the GMM
Executive Summary From Board
Special Projects - budgeted and non-budgeted
Robert's Simplified Rules of Order
Congregational Meeting Minutes - October 2013

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