Soucy Update

Healing Wounds of the Heart
In April, I (Kathleen) was blessed to participate in a Trauma Healing course in La Paz, a course put on by The Trauma Healing Institute of The American Bible Society. This organization is equipping people, churches, and NGOs around the world to care for the more than one in seven people worldwide who suffer severe wounds of the heart and spirit in the aftermath of conflict, disaster or abuse.
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The Soucys Chapter 2.0

Bruno and Kathleen Soucy are members of The Journey Church. In 2006 they became Global Field Staff with Canadian Baptist Ministries, working under CBM's drivers of  Sustainable Community Development and Leadership Formation in Rwanda. We, as their sending church, agreed to "Hold the Ropes" back home by supporting them in prayer and providing for them financially.

In September of 2013, Bruno and Kathleen left Rwanda to begin a new journey in Latin America. Costa Rica was their first stop, with 8-months being spent in intensive language study. In August of 2014 they moved to Cochabamba, Bolivia to work with CBMs largest and oldest partner, the Bolivian Baptist Union. They are also working to develop new partnerships in Latin America. CBM works in seven countries there, and the need for leaders is great.

Here is a video update from May 2017 regarding work in Cuba. Take a look at their June 2017 newsletter HERE.


How has The Journey Church Held the Ropes for the Soucys? Take a look at this timeline:

August The Journey Church Commissioning Service for the Soucys - Holding the Ropes prayerfully and financially.
November First Canadian visitors, Pastor Dave & Nancy Morehouse
Christmas The Journey Church Christmas Eve Offering repairs the school roof in Gisenyi destroyed by a hurricane, allowing the opportunity for 750 students to complete their academic year in a country where, at the time, only 50% of school aged children had a school to attend.
September First Short Term Mission Team from The Journey Church travels to Rwanda focusing on people living with HIV/AIDS, women's Bible studies, leadership training for pastors, and church building improvements.
October The Journey Church helps provide homes and care for the Soucys during their home assignment in Canada.
Christmas The Journey Church Christmas Eve Offering fully funds a literacy program for women, ultimately giving to more than 3000 women the opportunity to become full participants in family, society and church life by teaching them to read.
Christmas The Journey Church Christmas Eve Offering goes to support Pastors' Livelihoods. At the time, 90% of Rwandan pastors were living on $10 per month. Funds provided livestock and training to help changea mindset that believes poverty and suffering are acceptable.
Christmas The Journey Church Christmas Eve Offering goes to support the Peace and Reconciliation Program to equip and support pastors as they minister to communities still fractured by the 1994 genocide.
Christmas The Journey Church Christmas Eve Offering goes to provide tin roofs for the homes of the most vulnerable after the Rwandan government dictated that all houses in Rwanda could no longer have thatched roofs. This offering provided for widows, orphans and those families burdened with AIDS.
October The Journey Church Second Short Term Mission Team travels to Rwanda, focusing on pastors' worshops, women's leadership conference, workshops with Guardians of Hope groups engaged in small business and visits to literacy student graduations.
Christmas The Journey Church Christmas Eve Offering goes to support people living with HIV/AIDS and their families by providing health kits for those caring for sick loved ones as well as umbrellas and rubber boots for volunteers travelling through remote areas to deliver health kits. As well, this offering supports the Guardians of Hope project for most of the following year.
2013 to present The Journey Church will continue to hold the ropes for the Soucys in Latin America.